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vakance - Java Architect Uzņēmums:Europe Resourcing

Java Architect

Task Description

The application architect provides the required services to assure the overall consistency of the IT architecture required to the correct implementation of the IT projects to guarantee the continuity of the existing IT systems and applications. More in particular, he/she will supervise the architectural elements constituting the application platform and assure the correct integration of the application components within the overall IT architecture.

He/she will perform the following tasks:
• Understand the overall processes in order to be able to determine the required IT architectural requirements. More explicitly, the relationships between the business layer and the IT service layer is of major importance;
• Determine the IT architectural requirements and translate them into an action and project plan;
• Propose and supervise the application platform implementation designed to host the required application components in an SOA environment;
• Investigate the possible re-use of already existing implementations
• Ensure that the IT architectural elements required for the application components are aligned with other infrastructure layers and components
• Participate in brainstorming, meetings and workshops
• Produce and/or review documents. This includes system and application architecture documents.


We are looking for application architects with experience in:

• Software development in Java
• Web based projects
• User interfaces based on JSF, ExtJS, JQuery, or similar
• Development of SOA projects. Being familiar with Oracle SOA infrastruture would be an asset
• Minimum 5 years of recent practical experience in IT systems architecture and design;
• Capability for modelling components, data and services;
• Capability for specification of service interfaces, service data and reference models;
• Good knowledge of interoperability technology (e.g. web services, message oriented middleware, service oriented bus);
• Knowledge and experience in the area of enterprise development based on JEE and related frameworks and projects like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaScript, etc
• Capability for modelling service data and reference models;
• Good knowledge of service implementation patterns (synchronous, asynchronous, request/response, etc), distributed system design and messaging layer;
• Ability to cope with fast-changing technologies used in application architecture;
• Very strong capability for analysis, comparison and summary;
• Strong capability for writing and presentation of clear documents;
• Experience in architecture modelling tools;
• Experience in international/multicultural environment and public administration are assets.
• Experience in architecture methodology
• In-depth knowledge of service implementation patterns (synchronous, asynchronous, request/response, publish and subscribe, etc.), distributed system design and messaging layer;

Deep technical knowledge of IT technology; the list of possibly required skills for a specific position includes but is not limited to:

• Interoperability: SOA, ESB, MOM
• Enterprise development based on JEE and related frameworks and projects like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaScript, SOAP and REST Web Services, etc
• Master Data Management
• IT protocols: MQ Series, WS, HTTP(S), SMTP, SNMP, etc.
• Security, Identity and Access Management

E-pasts: milena.khorotyan@europeresourcing.com
Tel: 0037444141007

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